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ASTRA Engineering provides consultancy services on environmental issues , in particular on the technical aspects of waste management and disposal/ re-use, atmospheric emission control , the drainage, treatment and disposal of waste water, the application of the IPPC Directive , constantly assisting the client both with specific issues (plant design and updating, authorization applications, environmental auditing) and with forms of global consulting , involving the continuous control and fulfilment of all the firm's legal obligations (of whatever type) for the environment (such as regular reports, discharge and emission controls, waste descriptions, bureaucratic paperwork etc). , Astra Engineering also uses outsourcing for this purpose.


Waste management

Controls are carried out, also via computer, that wastes are being properly handled and the firm's documentation is compliant with current legal requirements;

Compilation of legal documents about waste handling (transport forms, loading and unloading register, MUD)

Authorization applications for the construction and operation of waste disposal and recovery facilities, in accordance with part IV of D.Lgs. 152/06 (Consolidated Act for the Environment ), are drawn up for presentation to the relevant authorities and their progress through the relevant offices is monitored.



Atmospheric emissions

Authorization applications to be submitted to the competent authority in accordance with part V of D. Lgs. 152/06 (latest Environment legislation) are drawn up and their progress through the relevant offices is monitored.




Drafting of the application for Integrated Environmental Authorization (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale - AIA) in accordance with Legislative Decree 59/05, identifying the Best Available Technology - BAT, applicable to the case in hand;

Preparation of the INES Declaration (D.M. 23/11/2001).



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