Thanks to the varied professional backgrounds of their personnel and technical, economic and financial knowhow, Astra Engineering srl is able to deal with a wide range of highly complex and interdisciplinary engineering problems. The firm has extensive experience in all sectors, but especially in the following fields: environmental engineering (refuse and waste water treatment plants , analysis and reclamation of contaminated sites, environmental remediation, mining sites and Environmental Impact Assessments); structural calculation of finished elements and three-dimensional modelling of structures in any kinds of material, even highly complex; design of both entire plants and plant parts; public and private construction and land surveys.

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The best techniques and equipment to serve the customer

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Environmental modeling
  • Laser scanner
  • Electromagnetic field meters
  • Atmospheric emission modeling
  • Sound emission modeling
  • Contamination diffusion in groundwater modeling
  • Project Management

25+ years of experience to give you the best results